Lover Of The Light

An Irish puddle.

Almost There

Looking forward to the Future

As Long As You Love Me

London's Adventure

English Rain at Notting Hill

Fighting the tide

Splash the Despair Away :)

Memories of Rethymno

Into The Blue Wild Side

Autumn Leaves


Riding Away from Winter

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside

Get Out Of Your Cave Little Vespa, The World Didn't End

Christmas Loneliness

The Light's Navigator

Water Overload

A Way To Be Happy

Keep One Foot In Front Of The Other

Standing On A Shore

From Lisbon, with love.

Light Me Up

Taken by surprise. What sometimes arrives!

Take me home, to the place where I'm from


It's taking over..

Sun Riding

Sunset on the shore

Some Kind Of Autumnal Blues

On the Road again :D

New York New Yooooork

Paris Paris... Dream of Paris :)

Rainy Days...

Reflect on my reflection. Part 2.

Bloup Bloup

Oh mamaaaa I wanna go surfin'!!!

Under The Same Sun

Hey, you're missing this view?

New Car, New Season, New Adventures

Against the Tide

Stand by Me

Take me... With you..

Lost in urban exploration

Here I drive

Well.. This is England!

Hey There!